A nonlinear 2D puzzle platformer taking place in impossible spaces.

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AAAAXY is a nonlinear 2D puzzle platformer taking place in impossible spaces.

Although your general goal is reaching the surprising end of the game, you are encouraged to set your own goals while playing. Exploration will be rewarded, and secrets await you!

So jump and run around, and enjoy losing your sense of orientation in this World of Wicked Weirdness. Find out what Van Vlijmen will make you do. Pick a path, get inside a Klein Bottle, recognize some memes, and by all means: don’t look up.

And beware of a minor amount of trolling.

To reach the end, a new player will take about 4 to 6 hours, a full playthrough can be finished in about 1 hour and the end can be reached in about 15 minutes.

The game is available for the following platforms:

Platform Downloads
Android F-Droid, Google Play
HTML5 (slow) netcup
iOS App Store
Linux Flathub, GitHub, Itch, Snap Store
macOS GitHub, Itch
Windows GitHub, Itch

Available languages: Arabic, Belarusian, Chinese (Simplified), English, German, Japanese, Latin, Portuguese and Ukrainian.

Direct Downloads

The current version is v1.5.139. Download here:

Try Online!

There is also a bleeding edge WebAssembly build.

Note that this is very experimental and may be too slow for many computers. For full performance, please use the installable builds above.

Further Resources


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More Information

See also the game’s page.

Deeper technical information and source code is to be found on the GitHub repository.


For information about this game’s data collection and handling, you can see here.